Sustainable Fad? Winter Greens Today in the Garden

There is a fascinating column in the Los Angeles Times by Reed Johnson today. Primarily reviewing two films, Johnson considers the larger society's search for what is right to do at this time in our history. The movies are "Into the Wild" and "There Will Be Blood".

Johnson links the themes of the movies to the current concerns with sustainability. Maybe it is a good thing that movies alert audiences that the environment is under siege, even if the producers profit.

Here is a quote and a link to the entire column

"Eden is burning.

The garden of the American imagination is on fire with scorched-earth imagery, four-alarm prophesies of doom and the growing cult of "sustainable" consumerism.

Frito-Lay boasts about making "carbon-neutral" potato chips. Bookstore shelves sag with titles such as "The Virtuous Consumer" and "Sustainable Living for Dummies."

The planetary and human costs of over-consumption re-emerged as a major cultural theme last year, but it's an idea with deep roots in the national psyche, as evidenced by two well-received films: Sean Penn's "Into the Wild" and Paul Thomas Anderson's "There Will Be Blood."
Both explore the notion of America (and, by extension, Earth) as a former paradise under siege."


Wow - another day in the 70-s in January.

As I struggled to save my iris beds from the weeds, especially Bermuda grass, I remembered how they got into such bad shape: Last year at this time the only work we were doing in the yard was ice storm damage cleanup. Our days were not available for flower bed weeding - every day was filled with dragging tree limbs to the burn pile.

My dear iris beds. Hopefully there will be enough nice days that they can be salvaged for another year of beautiful blooms.


"Winter Gardening Pays Off" is the title of a blog entry at eTrish complete with recipes and great ideas for using nature's vitamin pills to make delicious stuff for the table.

I don't know about yours, but my greens had their heads frozen off last week. I should have harvested them but did not because I thought they were invulnerable. Always learn something is my motto.

One more day of nice weather before it turns into winter once again. I'm not sure how much more we can do - sore hands and shoulders may prevent a third day in a row of weeding and trimming and hauling.


The Diva said…
It is hot here today. I think we're at 79 degrees. I probably need to be digging the bermuda out of my daylilies. Yuck, but easier than if I do it later.
Anonymous said…
We had mid-70s today, too. While you are digging Bermuda out of your daylilies, I'm making my hands sore doing the same but in iris beds.
Lots of spring bulbs are peeking out under the weeds so that's the silver lining for the work!

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