2008 Master Gardener Conference Oklahoma City

The Southern Region Master Gardener Conference will be held June 18, 19, 20, 21 in Oklahoma City. If your calendar fills as quickly as mine you will have to mark off the dates now.

The Tour Agenda is on the website already but registration information is not yet so I don't know what the cost will be for the conference or the hotel.

Tours include: Will Rogers Park Arboretum, Myriad Gardens, Greenleaf Nursery, Oklahoma City Zoo, Bustani Plant Farm, private gardens of Kamala Gamable and Anne Griswold, private gardens of Don Resler and Kenneth and Nova Minick, Sunshine Nursery, Linneaus Garden at Tulsa Garden Center, and the gardens at Philbrook Museum in Tulsa.

The center for the event is Clarion Meridian Hotel and Convention Center. Staying at the host hotel has a lot of advantages but if you want to look for other accommodations, check the visitors bureau for other choices.

It looks like all the speakers are lined up.

Last year's Little Rock Conference was a dazzler.

At the end of it I had no complaints (except not many choices for a vegetarian). The highlights were seeing old friends, meeting new people, informative workshops and speakers, freebies, meals, garden tours, museum tours, a dinner on the waterfront (Taste of Little Rock with food from two dozen restaurants and half a dozen wines), an outdoor ice cream social late one night.

On one of the bus tours, I met a woman who shunned all the keynote addresses and workshops in favor of going on all the tours instead. She had a massage while we were busily taking notes.
The tours were so good I thought she had done the right thing. Well, except the workshops were great, too.


kate said…
I don't think I'd want to miss any of the speakers. The programme is varied and full of interesting topics. I know that I would enjoy the tours too.

I imagine there will be a large attendance as well.
Anonymous said…
Last year was such a good experience that I can't resist going again this year.
Kate - do you live close enough to OKC to consider attending?

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