Slow Cooking, Chocolate and Zucchini, January Garden

Slow Food is a movement that began in Italy in response to McDonald's moving in.

There is a blog online that talks about the methods, recipes and fun of taking time to savor cooking and eating fresh food.

Gardeners play a role in the movement even if they do not grow fruits and vegetables because they participate in beautifying their lives, neighborhoods and world.

Check out the Slow Cooking blog - today's entry was about teaching the next generation of eaters how to read the labels on food products.

At the other end of the food trail is a site called Chocolate and Zucchini that is a treat to read. Whether or not the recipes end up on your table, it will inspire your creative, culinary juices.

Scroll to the Dec 31 entry for the Best of 2007. Each "best of" link will take you to new ways to prepare food. Examples: Avocado and Radish CanapƩs with Smoked Salt and Red Quinoa Salad with Bell Peppers and Pine Nuts.


Photo: This is how the strawberry bed looks today. Amazingly hardy with the below freezing weather we have been having.

Photo: This is the mustard we use in salads. In the summer it is green and then it turns purple after a freeze.

Photo: The pinks have grown larger over the winter under their oak leaf mulch, expanding the amount of ground they cover in flower beds.

Science Daily reports that a chemical in red wine, fruits and vegetables counters unhealthy effects of high-fat foods. Scientists are trying to figure out how to keep us from killing ourselves by eating the fatty foods we love. They have their work cut out for them.

The cold nights have returned so if you put any pots out to sunbathe in that warm spell, tuck them back into a safe place every night and then back into the sunshine during the day.


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