Celebreties at Horticulture Industries Show in Tulsa

Oh, what a great day at the Horticulture Industries Show today. Tulsa Community College provided great meeting rooms and an area for lunch. The show continues tomorrow, Jan 5th.

Eliot Coleman, author of "Four-Season Harvest" was the keynote speaker. His presentation was not marred by the slide projector bulb going out because he used the bulb-changing time to tell a couple of jokes about gardeners and agriculture extension agents.

showed slides of growing equipment and implements from around the world. In addition, we saw tools he has designed for use on his own organic farm and ones he designed for Johnny's Selected Seeds.

David Hillock, Oklahoma State University Extension's Master Gardener Coordinator and head of Consumer Horticulture pitched in and gave a good workshop on using hedges and trees as green privacy fences when the presenter called in sick.

Sharon Beasley of Beasley's Bounty in Newcastle Oklahoma gave an informative workshop on what to grow to give your garden flowers in the fall and until frost/freezes arrive

John Leonard, Organic Gardens, El Reno Oklahoma, had us laughing about growing organic herbs and greens. His lively presentation was informative and delightful. (Leonard is on the right in blue - he is observing while the audio-visual equipment is being fixed.)


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