Flower Photos Cheer Gardeners in Mid-Winter

A sure cure for the winter blues is a look at this slide show from Florianabulbose.

Florian Bulbose is an Italian flower bulb company with an online presence. If you go to the site, just click on the English link on the right side.

I first saw the slide show when it was submitted to an online plant discussion by J. Shejbal and it is linked here with permission.

Also to cheer your winter, this daffodil photo was made available by Jon Mogeura who took the photo at his home.

Spring will come soon enough.

In the meantime, it is time to begin pruning activities. We are supposed to have two-60-degree days this week, so that will give us a chance to get some sun while we clip away last year's growth to make way for new beauty in the new year.


The Diva said…
Hey Molly,

What a good idea to look at ovely flowers when it is gray and cold outdoors. Spring will be here soon. Happy New Year.

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