Growing Challenge (more like a club) from Elements In Time blog

Elements in Time: Creating Edible Landscape is a blog by Melinda Epler in Geyserville CA. She has proposed a fun challenge and is creating a club of sorts.

Membership requirements: Grow one more edible from seed this year than you did last year AND write about it as a way to involve more and more people.

Elements in Time is a serious nonprofit with heartfelt goals other than growing your own spinach in flower beds. Go over to the blog and read "About". In short the mission of Elements in Time includes:
"1. Educating the world community about self-sustainability models which take into account increased global changes in climate and energy availability.
2. Promoting resilience and sustainable adaptation in areas of the world most at risk now and in the future.
3. Provoking sustainable local and worldwide solutions to social and environmental issues, focussing on the quality of life and future for humans and all other species."

The Growing Challenge Kickoff was today, Jan 22. If you would like to join a group of people who want to have a good time growing veggies and herbs as an Internet community, Click on the link above.

Photos: Colorado mountains last July


Anonymous said…
Hi Molly & Martha, Thank you so much for telling your readers about the Growing Challenge - or "Club", as you say! We'd absolutely love to have more people join in the fun.

And also thank you for your kind words about our work. What wonderful work you're doing here.
Whyite said…
Sounds interesting and a fun challenge something I will have to check out.
Anonymous said…
Hi Curtis -
The Growing Challenge does sound like fun. My veggie growing success is hit and miss. I don't know if it my technique or soil and would love to increase my success rate!
If you have a website or blog would you leave the info in the comments section next time you drop by?

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