Michigan State University Weed ID Site

A new weed identification site was launched January, 2008, and is available to the public. The original intent of the site was to assist landscape students at Michigan State University with their studies.

Click here to take a look MSU Turf Weeds dot net.

One of the unique features of the site is that when you move the cursor over the name, a thumbnail photograph appears making it quick and easy to sort out what you are looking for.

Click on either the Name or the Family tab and find your turf weeds.

Being outside pulling weeds for a dozen hours over the past two days made me curious about what was what. Over the years I have made plenty of mistakes pulling out seedlings that were volunteers of plants I wanted. An Internet search led me to this site - it is hands down the best weed site I've found so far.

One year, I pulled out every seedling from a batch of seeds I had planted the previous fall. DO YOU KNOW this seedling? Now that I stopped pulling them out they re-seed every fall and fill the yard with flowers every spring.
Photo: This weed is Yellow Rocket
Photo: This is English Daisy, an escaped horticultural
plant that is now considered a turf weed.

The seedling above is Larkspur or Delphinium tricorne. Buttercup (Ranunculaceae) Family


The Diva said…
Goodness. I am behind on my reading. Thanks for the weed site. I used to pull up Larkspur too. Don't you just love the blooms?
Anonymous said…
Last year the ice storm in January plus the Easter weekend 3-night freeze killed the flowers of almost everything.

But that Larkspur filled the back yard as though it had no worries about the weather.

This time of year when almost everything is brown except a few weeds is a good time to figure out what to call them as I pull them out.

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