Daffodil Festivals, Sooner Plant Farm, OBG

Pearl Garrison, the communications director of the new Oklahoma Botanical Garden north of Tulsa spoke at Muskogee Garden Club last week.
Garrison gave us a tour of the OBG's master plan and the designer's vision for the future of the 240-acres.
It will wow visitors. Click on the link above to read all about it.

CHEER UP - SPRING IS COMING If you would like to be cheered up about Spring coming, go to Annie's Annuals, scroll down and click on her slide shows (on the left side). The possibilities for spring will dazzle you and warm your heart.

SOONER PLANT FARM Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Sooner Plant Farm in Park Hill OK. The owner is speaking at Muskogee Garden Club next month and I went to do an interview for an upcoming garden column.

From what we learned, their plant stock is all Oklahoma grown, making it a better bet for survival in your gardens and yards.

We also learned that if you expect to spend over $150 a year, it's a really good deal to join the $29.95 buying club. If you spend $100 or less, you are better off joining the $9.95 buying club. The photo is the new greenhouse at Sooner Plant Farm stuffed with plants for spring sales.

GOING METRIC? If you are ordering from Europe or Asia, you may need this site that converts U. S. forms of measurement into the units of measure used by most other countries. Called World Wide Metric, the site's calculator converts temperatures, volume, weight, pressure and length.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR There is an entire website devoted to daffodil festivals and it is called, Daffodil Festivals 2008. Click on the link. When you arrive at the page go to the drop down menu to find one near you or on your travels. Here are some local highlights:

Arkansas' Garvan Gardens, the entire month of March is for daffodil viewing. Located in Hot Springs National Park, Garvan Gardens is open 7 days a week. Three Sisters of Amity Daffodil Hill has 235-varieties of daffodils.

The Camden Arkansas, 15th Annual Daffodil Festival will be held March 7 & 8, 2008. Events include historic homes tour, daffodil garden walks, Confederate cemetery tour, a steak cook-off, etc. Click on the link above to get the details of a special $25.00 package that includes several attractions.

The Daffodil Days Festival in Round Rock, Texas will be Saturday, March 1. Round Rock calls itself "The Daffodil Capital of Texas".

April 12 is the date of Washington's Daffodil Festival and parade. "The parade travels through the four cities of Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner and Orting and consists of approximately 40 float entries and over 80 other entries, including bands, marching and mounted units. The floats are decorated with fresh-cut Daffodils, numbering in the thousands. The Daffodil Festival will be celebrating it's 75th year during the 2008 festival season."

Soon. Spring is coming soon and these freezing days and nights will be a dim memory.


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