Cornell's Citizen Science Site Wants You

Cornell University wants your opinion.

At Cornell's citizen science site, Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners, every participant is a member of a national community of growers.

If you do not have time or the inclination to enter data about the varieties you grow this year and how successful they are, you can search the information contributed by other gardeners.

For example, click on Browse Crops and a list of dozens of vegetables, fruits and herbs appears. Click on mustard and ratings for varieties appear - everything from Suehlihung No to Ragged Edge and Ruby Streaks is rated by growers.

Writing and pictures carved into rock, called Petroglyphs, are believed to have been carved by early inhabitants and people traveling through the area. They are fascinating remnants of earlier civilizations.

One website dedicated to these ancient forms of communication, says that they were created by
"Anasazi, Shoshone, Sinagua, Yuman, Kumeyaay, Hohokam, Ute, Fremont, Mohave and Desert Culture people who lived in the prehistoric Southwest and Great Basin." The website owner, Donald Austin, has links to dozens of photos he took around the country and a few from foreign lands.

Photos: Petroglyphs we climbed around in Utah last week.

This is the last of the 70-degree days and we dug weeds for another 5-hours. Fortunately, the freezing, normal winter weather is returning so we can resume our regular winter activities like catalog perusing for seeds to plant in Feb/March.

Stay dry and out of the tornado path tonight.


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