Tulsa OK Horticulture Industries Show Jan 4 & 5 2008

It is time to register for the Horticulture Industries Show in Tulsa Jan 4 & 5 2008. Early registration must be postmarked no later than December 14.

This year's topic is "Celebrating Horticulture: Four Seasons of Success" and you can click here to go directly to the Oklahoma State University Horticulture site's info on the conference.

The keynote speaker is author Eliot Coleman who now designs organic gardening tools for Johnny's Selected Seeds. His unique tools include Pinpoint seeder, Get-A-Grip handle-broadfork, three-tine cultivator, grading rake (metal toothed) and European style scythe.

In his 40-years of working in the field (literally - he raised cattle sheep, poultry, veggies, etc.) he has written three books and many articles.

His partner is also a horticulturist with a column in the Washington Post. Their website is called Four Season Farm.

Barbara Damrosch's column this week is about the importance of growing what you eat or at least buying local or organic. (Hmmm. Someone else writes about that topic, too.)

The workshop sessions at the conference include growing Christmas trees, fruits, herbs, public gardens, growing for farmer's markets, vegetables and sustainable agriculture.

Many of the sessions are available both days so if there are two topics of interest running at the same time, you can attend one each day.

We attended the Arkansas HIS last year and met great people, found new resources, and ate a fabulous lunch. This year again, the emphasis for lunch is all local organic food.

Cost for the conference is $50 for both days, $20 for a buddy to go along, and $13.50 for lunch.
You can get all the details on the Coleman book signing Friday night and the other events at the OSU Hortla link above.

I'll be reviewing Coleman's book, "Four Season Harvest" in an upcoming column.


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