Join Seed Savers Exchange

Membership in the Seed Savers Exchange costs $35 per year and this is the right time of year to join. Members pay for membership and they pay for seeds but membership gives you access to a wider selection.
Photo: Blue Poppy - one of the new 2008 seeds available from Seed Savers.

The list of seeds is inspiring - almost 13,000 varieties. Request a print catalog at their site.

Formed in 1975, the members of the nonprofit organization save and share seeds of heirloom varieties.

A quote from their site: "Heritage Farm, Seed Savers Exchange’s scenic 890-acre headquarters near Decorah, Iowa, is a living museum of historic varieties. Amish carpenters have constructed an inspirational meeting area in the barn’s cathedral-like loft, and also a complex of offices and seed storage facilities that feature a magnificent oak post-and-beam frame."

Seeds can be purchased from their website without becoming a member. Links include Eating Beans, Seed Collections, Prairie Plants, etc.

If you are looking for a new seed source, give them a try.


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