Award for All the Dirt from Red Dirt Ramblings

Another Oklahoma garden blog, Red Dirt Ramblings, has graciously awarded All the Dirt on Gardening an award. Author, Dee Nash wrote about her three favorite blogs.

Here is the entry
(The Red Dirt author) received this award from Grace at Rose Cottage Lane. Thanks so much, Grace.

The way this award works is that I must now nominate three blogs which are favorites of mine. Gee, I only get to pick three? Think, think, think . . . .

Okay, here are three favorites, but it was very difficult to choose. First, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman because she writes one jammin’ blog. She’s becoming quite famous, having been on CNN and in The Daily Oklahoman. She takes wonderful pictures, and her self-deprecating wit is hilarious.

Second, I love Tongue in Cheek. Corey is an ex-pat living in the south of France. Her writing is heart felt; she is living an authentic life; and she also takes great pictures, some of which are featured in Victoria’s January/February issue. Yes, Victoria is back!! I’ve sent in my subscription. Have you?

Finally, I have to go with All the Dirt on Gardening, co-written by Molly Day and Martha (no last name listed.) This blog is sponsored by The Muskogee Phoenix, so I’m guessing the two authors are columnists for the newspaper. I’m not sure, but I do know that they write factual, interesting articles about gardening in Oklahoma, so I think they deserve the award.

Congratulations to my winners. This award is great because it gives bloggers an opportunity to showcase other great blogs. Thanks again Grace. I’m really glad you like my blog.


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