Trillium Symposium April 2008 in Delaware

News from the online Trillium and Woodland Plants conversation is that the 2008 Trillium Symposium will be April 17 to 19 and enrollment is limited to the first 200 who register. The workshops and seminars will feature the conservation and propagation of trilliums on the east coast of the US.

If you do not grow Trilliums yet, click on this link to see beautiful photographs of them.

The Minnesota nursery, Specialty Perennials sells seed and has dozens of links to more wonderful photos at this link. Once you see Trillium photos, you will realize how often you have enjoyed them in shade gardens.

Companion plants that want similar growing conditions include spiderwort, bleeding heart, green dragon arum, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, woodland phlox, columbine and Virginia Bluebells.

The Symposium is $195 if registration is received by Jan 31, 2008.

A member of the same plant family, Toad Lilies grow well in my shade garden. The ones I purchased as plants from Bluestone Perennials bloomed the first year.


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