250 Million Trees Planted in Mexico During 2007 Under UN

Mexico's president Felipe Calderon announced the news that 250-million trees were planted in his country during 2007. The UN Environment Program set a goal of four-times that number to be planted around the world to combat climate change.

The story was reported at Yahoo News (click link to read) and came to me through an Internet based Urban Forest newsletter.

Calderon reported using local labor and investing $540 million in the project.

Environmentalists Complain
Greenpeace complained that the planting was done without enough thought. Trees were not planted in appropriate locations and no arrangements were made for their care after the initial shovel-in-the-ground effort was completed.

The Greenpeace spokesperson also said that the rate of deforestation in Mexico is an astounding 1.48 million acres a year.

The United Nations claimed success, however. A total of 1.4 billion trees were planted. The top ten countries were: Ethiopia, Mexico, Turkey, Kenya, Cuba, Rwanda, South Korea, Tunisia, Morocco and Myanmar.

2008 Billion Tree Goal The website has pledges for 2008 already but they are looking for more pledges.

Add planting a tree or two to your New Year's Resolutions for 2008 but check to make sure you are planting one that will thrive in the conditions you have.

String out the garden hose and plant the tree somewhere along that trajectory. Trees planted further out will not get watered.

Stay away from trees advertised to grow fast - they will be weak. Also lean toward the trees called small and medium. Very few landscapes can handle the 100-foot mature size of a large tree.

The Native Tree Shop has great, easy to understand links. I have not bought from them but the link I selected to highlight (above) for your research is to tree mixes to consider.

The Oklahoma Biological Survey (link to Catalog of Woody Plants) provides Oklahoma tree names in Latin and by common name. Starting in January local nurseries will have hundreds of trees to choose from.

Resolve to add to our green cover, help the earth and beautify your surroundings the process.


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