New Nutritional Melons from the USDA , MIT Offers You 1500 FREE Courses Online and Cats in the Garlic

A new, more nutritious melon has been invented, the Avant Gardener reports. The cultivar is available to growers from ARS Crop Quality Unit . The link takes you to the site with the original report.

The new melon was bred to have fewer pathogens in the skin and more vitamin A, C, folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, anti-oxidants and sugar. Watch for 'Orange Dew' in a farmer's market near you.


MIT is offering the course materials for 1500 classes free online for everyone. Click here for the index of classes.

Topics of interest include soil behavior, architecture, design for sustainability, kitchen chemistry, how to make almost anything, industrial landscapes, environment and society. Then there is also magic, witchcraft and the spirit world.

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Three-hours out in the sun today!
The rest of the last bulb shipment was planted in an extension of an existing bed, 4-foot tall basil plant remains were tossed into the garlic bed and bunny screening came out.

The neighbor who is quick to pull out his rifle evidently has a second home so now his cat lives in our yard. The 6-foot tall chain-link we put up to keep out his dogs does nothing for cats. So the cat, adorable though he is, likes to dig in the sandy raised bed with garlic.

An entire box of moth balls did nothing to discourage him. So today I piled eggplant and basil stalks on top of the garlic to try another tactic.

Ah, life in the country.


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