2008 All-America Selections Include: New White Daisy with Blue Center and a New Viola in Purple and Gold

All-America Selections are new plants that are chosen every year as winners for gardeners.

The selections have been made for 75-years and the plants are still reliable garden favorites. All the winners from 1933 to 2008 are listed on the organization's website.

This year's three winners are: Osteospermum F1 'Asti White' a new daisy - blue centers on white flowers, Viola F1 'Skippy SX Plum-Gold' and Eggplant F1 'Hansel'.

Of the three, the new daisy looks the best to me.
The Johnny-Jump-Up or Viola has a strange color combination that looks like someone was trying too hard to come up with something new for the trade. But, maybe it is just what you need for your spring beds. Flower color is very personal.

In general, I can recommend checking the All-America Selections site lists if you want to try something new.
For example if you have never grown petunias or pinks from seed, use the AA site to select the type of seed to buy so you will have something reliable.
The site has a link for seed sources, too.


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