The Love of Gardening - Pass It On

The love of gardening is passed on from one generation to the next. Just as genetic markers and predispositions for career choice skip a generation, it is often our grandparents who led us toward the love of flowers, fresh vegetables and fruit or just the processes of making beautiful surroundings for ourselves and our communities.

Wherever you came to benefit from the love of all things earthy, pass it on to someone in the next generation. Encourage those younger than yourself in their horticultural hobby.
We put in another 150-daffodils today. What is the count so far for spring blooming? I have no idea anymore. The battery powered auger really helps with large plantings. If all the bulbs put in this year bloom next spring we will either be out there among them or be standing in front of a window enjoying them. (Please, Mother Nature, no Easter weekend freeze next year that destroys all the buds like it did this year.)
Look for the good and praise it extends to gardening - nurture the gardener in friends, neighbors, students and anyone who will listen!


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