Thanksgiving 2007, Houseplants Clear the Air, Talking Drum in Tulsa

Photo: Happy Thanksgiving from Abby

Thanksgiving is a day that marks the beginning of winter even though it does not officially start until December 21st.

The focus now is on indoor activities: Shopping, writing cards, traditional foods,
reconnecting with friends and family.

This week's garden column is about houseplants that will help keep
the air inside your home clean and good for breathing.
If you missed it here is the link.

We dined at Tulsa's Talking Drum on Lewis near 71st
for the third Thanksgiving in a row.
The people who own it are warm and the food is beyond good
- it is fantabulous.
A dozen salads and a dozen entrees to choose from on the buffet,
with home made desserts to top off the experience.
Beer and wine for those who enjoy it.
It all makes for a very happy dinner table.

Hope you had a fantabulous Thanksgiving, too.


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