Go Native, Take Care of Your Houseplants and Are You Too Old To Blog?

New Book Urges the Planting of More Native Plants

A professor at the University of Delaware has a new book out,
"Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Life in Our Gardens" and it is of course published by Timber Press. The link above is to an interview with Dr. Tallamay in the college's paper. (288-pages, 300-photos, $27, free shipping on the publisher's website.)

From the interview: "I took a course in woody landscape plants and found out about all these fascinating exotic plants,” says Tallamy. “Meanwhile, in my entomology courses, I was learning about plant-insect interactions.
“All of the information I needed to realize that covering the land with alien plant species might not be such a good idea had been neatly placed in my lap in grad school, but it was 20 years before I made the connection: our native insects, and therefore our wildlife, will not be able to survive on alien plant species.”

Houseplant Advice

And, from a blog called Gardening Equipment comes a conversation about how to keep houseplants healthy.
The author says, "By far the major cause of failure in the home garden is neglect." and "The second big reason for plant failure comes from trying to grow plants in an environment unsuited or badly suited to their needs."

Click on the link to read more.

Hot topics

On the blog, Cold Climate Gardening, a conversation about blogging and "older gardeners" who do not blog has stirred a controversy that actually has readers posting. Many of us older gardeners who blog have weighed in.

Anybody actually out in the garden in our 25 to 50 degrees?


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