Prepare Garden for Freezing Weather

Well, it's here - the first freeze is coming this week. Time to bring in all the tender plants in pots and water the perennials so their roots don't freeze.

Any plant that prefers a dry climate should not be watered because they dislike cold, wet soil.
One example of that type of plant in my garden is lavender. Sage is another.

I moved a couple dozen pots indoors after spraying them with Safer Soap. Otherwise bugs will come in with the plants.
Photo: Anyone know what that bug is on my hand? It is crawling on the Asclepias with the Monarch butterfly caterpillars and Aphids. I took it off a couple of times and it found its way back to the Asclepias.

There are all manner of seeds that need to planted between now and January because they need a shot of cold weather in order to germinate.

The annuals in this category include poppies and larkspur. Many perennials, including shrubs and trees, require cold and wet to sprout through their tough seeds.

This link at Alchemy-Works, in Elmira, New York, will take you to an easy to read and understand article about the topic.
Photo: These marigolds never show up until late late late summer - like now. They return from seed every year. Since I don't have to plant them, I forget about them until they appear again.

I hope your garden continues to give you good surprises, too.


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