Perennials from Seed, Plants Need Nutrients, Too

There are two newsletter on that I subscribe to: Landscaping and Gardening. They are not always what I'm interested in the day they arrive but are always worth a scan. The irritating part of them is the relentless advertising, popups, etc.

For example, today's Landscaping email from David Beaulieu had a link to a video about starting perennials from seed. In order to watch the video the viewer has to watch a video from an unrelated advertiser. Argh.

Anyway, the presenter in the video recommends planting perennial seeds in the summer after they are put in ice cube trays in the freezer for a few days. Then she suggests planting the starter pots in the ground for the summer and transplanting them out of the pots and into their permanent position in the fall.

In the Gardening newsletter, Marie Iannotti, has a good column about diagnosing plant problems and a great explanation of micro and macro nutrients plants need.

Follow the links above to read all about it.


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