Science Daily: Carnivorous Plants and Saving Butterflies

Science Daily email today has several articles of interest for nature lovers.

First on the slimy saliva of pitcher plants, "Carnivorous plants supplement the meager diet available from the nutrient-poor soils in which they grow by trapping and digesting insects and other small arthropods. . . . that they employ slimy secretions to doom their victims. "

If you had been wondering how they do it, that mystery is now solved.

And, a link to an older column about Monarch butterfly way stations. Butterfly gardening has to be part of any garden. The video on the link works without any advertising, too.

The other great part of the Monarch column is that there are several other informative links to the topic.

Plant butterfly nectar sources even if you can't stand the idea of planting caterpillar edible ones.


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