Milkweed Beetle at Bug Guide

The black and orange beetle in yesterday's post?

A milkweed beetle.

Guess where I found it? On the Asclepias I grow to feed Monarch butterfly caterpillars.
Asclepias is milkweed.

The answer came from Bug Guide online. When I went to What's That Bug to search all their beetle photos, one of their posts had a link to Bug Guide.

Also, I tried to save the Monarch caterpillars from the freeze but they resisted and died anyway. Sigh. You can't save nature from its own cycles.

Yesterday's post took me 3-hours over a two-day period to get loaded onto Blogger. I took some nice photos at Greenleaf State Park today but Blogger will not allow them onto today's blog. Maybe tomorrow.

I hope you had time to cover vulnerable plants or bring them in! Brrr.


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