Sowing Seeds in Winter and Learning More About Gardening

Photo: In the foreground
is the lantana that keeps the butterflies happy.
Center is one of the Castor Bean plants - seeds
from a Missouri seed company, Baker Seed. Then
there is the stunning red maple in all its Nov 2nd

It is time to think about sowing seeds that will succeed because they need a winter freeze in order to sprout in the spring.
Wintersown is a website with everything you need to know.

At the site, there is a cool link to the National Agricultural Library. Click on Plants and Crops and then Gardening Resources for an education in gardening.

Here are some of the interesting links:

North American Native Plant Society

American Public Garden Association

Gardening Launch Pad with over 5,000 links to gardening topics

Master Gardeners links

Garden Web - gardening community on the Internet

Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs - 2,000 of them

Gardening is the kind of hobby that becomes a part of your life and a part of your family. Enjoy these wonderful pre-winter days.


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