Plant and Divide Bulbs This Fall

Pansies, tulips, iris, daffodils and other features of the spring floral display are all over the stores, catalogs and Internet sources. It is definitely time to buy and plant!Photo: Iris and coral honeysuckle blooming in our yard last spring.

There are two schools of thought about this time of year: One type of person buys two or three times as many plants and bulbs as they think they need and they other type orders half of what they want.

Some of us order as soon as the catalogs arrive so we don't miss out on anything. Others wait in hope of a last minute sale.
Photo: One of the most popular pansy colors.

Which ever type you are, clean out the old planters, start amending the soil in the beds, and rest assured that if you want a pretty spring, you can accomplish it by buying your bulbs, corms, rhizomes and pansies this week.


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