Fall Plant Sales

Two sales were held at Tulsa Garden Center today. This is such a pleasing way to shop, I am surprised that the halls did not resemble a Filene's Basement sale. Quite the opposite: It was easy to walk around and select purchases.
Photo: Thousands of iris, day lilies and shade perennials were available for purchase at the Tulsa Area Iris Society fall sale. Prices ranged from $2 to $20. Entire planters full of Louisiana Iris and Landscape Iris were $10. Great bargains and great looking plant stock.
Bags of day lilies and iris were being sold by the bundle. Some of the containers were marked "landscape" because the donor couldn't recall exactly what they were.

Tulsa Area Daylily Society members were on hand to answer questions at their sale.
Photo: Sharon Gilchrist of Tulsa
Photo: Tables were lined with day lily varieties. Members grouped their plants by color, bi-color, etc. Two to 4 plants were banded together with identifying tags.

Both sales offered great looking plants and were well organized, well staffed and fun to shop. Watch for it next year.


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