Penstemon from Bustani Nursery and Clematis from LaPorte Ave Nursery

This wonderful Penstemon from Bustani Plant Farm is one of the best new finds in the back yard this year. It has bloomed nonstop since the beginning of the warm days and looks like it will carry on until freeze.
And this adorable Clematis from LaPorte AVE Nursery is blooming with a bell shaped flower after only a couple of months in a pot. What a treat.

Park Seed sent out their sale email today. This link is to their cut flower listings - bare root perennials for fall planting. So many of the listings are plants that would make a good addition to perennial beds.
Winky Purple and White Columbine is a plant that is not normally considered a cut flower but it looks very pretty. Columbines re-seed easily in gardens here. Their Raspberry and Inferno Dianthus are also gorgeous.
You might prefer to start Dianthus from seed - many people have great luck with them.
This is also the time to plant seeds of Columbine - the seeds need a winter freeze in order to crack open in the spring to make plants.

Whether you prefer to buy plants or seeds, what you do this month could make next spring and summer your best garden ever.


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