Chaos Cactus Nursery, Tulsa Cacti and Succulent Society Sale October 20

In the interest of continuing to learn about plants and gardening, I subscribe to a few plant discussions online. At least half of the conversation is beyond my ability to understand but the other half is beginning to sink in.

A topic of interest across several discussions is the difficulty of sending seeds from one country to another when members want to share an abundance from their gardens.

In BBC News this week, there is a report of a California man who had a wooden leg outfitted to allow him to smuggle iguanas into the US from a nature preserve in Fiji. While I would not suggest getting a wooden leg just to trade flower seeds, there is a seed of an idea there .......

Photo: Cleome

Two more inches of rain and the wind that brought it in, beat up some of the fall garden, broke off the woody stems of the basil plants and generally made every bed muddy. Gardening in Oklahoma is for eternal optimists! No one else could hang in there. Ah, sweet memories of gardening in northern California where everything wants to grow and the weather is constant.

Photo: Pitcher Sage

Tom Ogren reported on one email conversation that he found a website devoted to roses, peonies and clematis. The site is called Help Me Find, and Ogren said it is a good resource for information on roses in particular. Ogren is an author and speaker on the topic of Allergy Free Gardening. The link is to his helpful website on the topic.

My garden column this week was about Chaos Cactus Nursery in Sand Springs. Owners Terri Mann and Bill Keeth will be selling at the Tulsa Cactus and Succulent Society sale on October 20 at the Tulsa Garden Center on 24th and Peoria.

Here is a link to Thursday's column in case you missed it. And, yes I noticed that they gave the column a title that is unrelated to the topic.

Enjoy the wonderful weather and as you walk around public gardens, notice what looks terrific for fall that you might want to plant in your garden for next year.

Our September is being brightened by asters, salvias, zinnias, millet, cleome, lantanas, pentas and assorted herbs in bloom.


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