Butterfly Chrysalis, Snow Peas, Flower Bed Design

Photo: Butterfly Chrysalis
The butterfly caterpillars continue to make their chrysalis in unlikely places. These photos are chrysalis on the fence and gate. Several different butterflies are arriving to the gardens - kinds I have not noticed here before.
This year's unusual summer weather has provided more nectar food than ever for the adult butterflies.

Photo: Snow Peas
You might be able to see the cardboard circle around the snow pea seedling. Each seed was planted inside a slice of paper towel cardboard. It protects the seeds from drifting, helps me see where they are planted and keeps crawling insects off the plants when they are first coming up.

Photo: A front yard flower bed
On the right is the "lawn" - we mow whatever grows there. On the left is a row of Nepeta Walker's Low from Bluestone Perennials. They were trimmed before the heavy rains.

The bed was built to accommodate the fact that we live on a rock plate. The water between the lawn and flower bed is just a narrow ditch that helps with drainage when the rain is heavy as it has been recently.

It was the only way we could have had a flower bed on that part of our hill. The shallow soil on top of the rock plate was suitable for the brick factory down the road, so much of the soil in the bed was added with compost, bags of crushed oyster shell and amendments.


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