Compost Info from the EPA, Chilly Chilli, Datura Flowers

Datura or Jimson Weed seeds were sown by the birds again this year and here is one of the flowers that bloomed today.
A garden club member brought ornamental pepper seeds to share last year and this is what the plant looks like in its full fruiting glory. I've heard the pepper are very hot. One of the seed companies invented a not-hot one for gardeners with little children who pop everything in their mouth. The cool one is called Chilly Chilli.

Someone asked me today about composting. Our bin is a U shaped cinder block structure that we fill with grass clippings, leaves, kitchen scraps and gardening stuff.

The Environmental Protection Agency is a good resource online that is not trying to sell books, chemicals, organisms, drums and all the other composting products.
They provide lists of what to put in your compost and what to avoid.
Your tax dollars at work - check it out.


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