Bugs: Green Darner Damsel, Fall Webworm, Fritillary caterpillar, chrysalis forming, adult

Photo: This Green Darner Damselfly sat on the amaranth for hours this morning. I walked by a dozen times getting supplies to plant seeds of bush beans, carrots and summer squash. I was lucky to get photos and sent them to www.whatsthatbug.com and they responded within an hour with the identification for me. I can't recommend them enough as a first resource for all things buggy.
This is a fall webworm. Whenever we see caterpillars we look them up to help us decide whether or not to get rid of them. Get rid of these if you see them. They will defoliate everything they land on.

This is a fritillary caterpillar eating our passion flower buds.

This is a caterpillar wiggling as it begins to form a chrysalis. They are protected at our house so they are making chrysalis on everything, including the car tires.
This is a completed chrysalis - the entire process from caterpillar to this form takes mere minutes.

Here is an adult that resulted from the process above.


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