How To Be A Gardener

BBC online has a course in gardening with soil and site analysis and plant suggestions for each type.

"How to be a Gardener - the Complete Online Guide" is quite good and worth the time if you want to learn, re-learn or feel smart as in "Hey I knew that."
Photo: Powell Botanic Gardens Kansas City, MO

On the introductory page the author and host says, "Let’s face it, gardening can be pretty daunting. All those Latin names, the bugs and blights that can attack your plants just when they are looking their prettiest. How does anyone manage to grow anything?"

No kidding! Now that the rain is gone and the heat has arrived, it's time to assess the damage and congratulate the survivors. And, definitely time to go back to dragging hoses and spraying the bugs.


Caterpillars attacked the blue baptesia and I spent half and hour on What's That Bug looking for a photo of that particular caterpillar so I would know if I could destroy them. Turned out to be a true pest so let us spray!


We took 4-bags of cucumbers to a food pantry today. We had made pickles and relish and had given them away to everyone we know. Still there were another 30 pounds of them that had accumulated. Too delicious to waste. And then there is a joy of sharing the bounty that can't be beat.

I asked John Leonard from Organic Gardens what he is planting now for his sales at the OKC-OSU Farmer's Market (on 4th & Portland) and Edmond (1st & Broadway) Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Here's what he is planting now for fall harvest:
Chioggia, Red Ace, and Golden beets, Purplette early onions, mache, mesclun mix, Encore lettuce mix, Packman broccoli, Gonzales Cabbage, Cheddar cauliflower, Black Summer pac choi, Nantes & Purple Haze carrots, and Cinderella, Jarrahdale, & Musque de Provence pumpkins. We'll also be growing three types of Violas, an antique shade of Matrix Pansies, and Osaka ornamental cabbage.

This week he and his mother will be selling many things, including Crenshaw Mellons and Edamame.
Their organic farm will be on tour Sept. 9th.
Contact John at, 243-7638 - cell422-2890 - farm/home to get on his mailing list or ask about the farm tour.


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