Contributing - What can we do?

GOOD DEEDS come in many forms and the best of them inspire us to do something ourselves.
The Professional Landcare Network is donating equipment, time, manpower and organizational skills to prune, plant and install irrigation at Arlington National Cemetery and the Congressional Cemetery on July 16.

The dollar value placed on their combined services is a quarter of a million dollars. Fifteen to twenty corporate sponsors are making the event called Renewal and Remembrance possible.

It is the 200th anniversary of Historic Congressional Cemetery. Green industry leaders will meet with Congressional leaders in the new 110th Congress during the three day event.

What can we, any of us, do to contribute to our community? It's a topic that warrants more than a minute's thought.


Anonymous said…
As an organizer of the event, I commend the efforts members of the Professional Landcare Network make each year. Many close their businesses and use their resources to come to DC and give this gift to the American people. Over 11 years, it's valued at more than $1.5 million dollars. What an honorable event by the Professional Landcare Network.
Molly Day said…
Congratulations, Sherry.
You also should be commended for organizing a meaningful contribution to your community and the society.
Thank you!

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