Blogging Nurseryman

Photo: Succulent growing over the edge of the sidewalk
softens the look of the hardscape and can survive our hot August.

One of the many horticulture newsletters I subscribe to is the Blogging Nurseryman. It's California based but today's issue is relevant to all of us.

By way of introduction, I'll quote Trey Pitsenberger's blog "A northern California nurseryman talks about the business of running a small garden center, competing in a hyper-competitive market, and anything else that crosses his mind."

It's interesting because it provides an insight into the small, personal, garden center. One recent post was about the frustration of people coming to him for advice and then going to a big box store to make purchases. Then, bringing the plant in later to diagnose it's failure to thrive.

Today's post was about a small family moving into a home and putting in a lawn. They had to water the new lawn, of course to get it going and keep it green. Unfortunately they did not take the time to become familiar with the existing trees. Pitsenberger predicts that the trees will die from being over watered since they are natives that prefer dry soil.

Who among us has not killed a plant with too much water? I have a few succulents out back that are gasping for breath from too much kindness. I treated them like the zinnias, butterfly bushes and everything else on the back porch.

This is another case of less is more. If you have a minute or two, click over to the Blogging Nurseryman. His topics are interesting. On the right side, there are links to his other two websites and links to a whole bunch of other gardening blogs for your amusement.


Unknown said…
Had to stop by and say thanks for the post. What I love most about blogging is meeting likeminded people from all around the world. Now I know someone and have a reason to see what’s going on in Muskogee. Through garden blogging people who have gardens off the main road can show off their handicraft to the whole world if they desire. You can show just as much as you want and share in your passion.

I believe that garden blogging and the connections we make are breathing new life into the gardening world. Garden blogging is not a substitute for flesh on flesh contact with other gardeners but rather a huge extra that makes gardening even better.
Molly Day said…
Blogging wasn't my idea - my editor at the Muskogee Phoenix asked me to do it as an add on to my weekly garden column.

I have to admit, now, though, that it is kind of addictive to be in contact with so many people who share my interests.

You are on target about breathing new life into gardening. It is the only way I have to read and "talk to" other gardeners daily.

Muskogee is a funny area - people think we are in the dustbowl but we get 44-inches of rain a year, on average.

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