Exotics - Titan Arum, Amorphallus, Arisarum


The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in Cleveland Ohio has a rare treat coming - an exotic plant that has taken 13-years to bloom will show its stuff in the next few days. It resides in the Rain Forest at the zoo where visitors can watch its astounding growth. On July 10th it was 28-inches tall and today it is 51-inches.

The plant is a titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum), also known as a Corpse Flower. It is botanically related to Jack In The Pulpit and Cala Lily.

Click on the Metroparks Zoo link above to watch the progress toward full bloom.

If you would like to grow something similar, check into growing an arum, available from Breck's and Plant Delights Nursery.

And, Heronswood has a beautiful 6-inch tall Arisarum proboscideum in their online catalog ($9.95 web special price).


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