American Penstemon Society

The American Penstemon Society has a newly designed website with a new www address.

Here are excerpts from the current newsletter, delivered today, with a summary of the site's new features.

The dropdown tabs include: Cultivation, Propagation, Identification, Distribution, APS, and the Library. The Message boards were created on the cultivation and distribution pages. The message boards are interactive and user’s may log questions.

They are developing a sizable photo gallery. This site has a good start with a Java enabled (runs on any platform) gallery. "We hope as time passes, that the quality of the pictures will help site users identify and cultivate penstemons of interest to them."

The American Pensetmon Society 2008 conference will be in Great Basin National Park (eastern Nevada) second or third weekend in June.

I tried to log into the message board but was blocked - the new software may not be ready for prime time yet.

I joined the APS because I'm dying to learn if/how to grow them here. Go to the pictures and snapshots part of their new website to see if it is a plant that appeals to you.

Other penstemon links of interest:


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