ASLA dot org, 2007 Master Gardeners Conference in Little Rock


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Operated by the American Society of Landscape Architects, the blog currently has articles about the walkability of communities, solar powered public art in Washington D.C., an art show in Florence, green roofs, the importance of parks and a tribute to Mrs. Johnson.
I have never seen an article at the site that was dull, uninteresting or blah.
Photo: Ice plant in a rock garden,
Whether or not you were available to attend the conference, many of the presentations are available on line right now for a limited time. (They are taking them down in a couple of months.)
Go to the Arkansas Master Gardener's website to view 46-educational, informative and amusing presentations. The conference was wonderful - well organized, user friendly, lots of events and educational programs.
We, in Oklahoma, are very impressed with the Arkansas Master Gardener Program - Janet Carson is a star. Carson works diligently for the University of Arkansas • Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service and I hope they know how good they have it there!


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