What's Growing?

Over the past week, I have been interviewing garden center owners for upcoming columns - their excitement is palpable and contagious. Every time I leave one of them I come home and plant more seeds or transplant something.

Are you working in your garden yet? What cuttings are you taking? What seeds are you starting? Clearing out flower beds?

This week's weather forecast is much better than all those below normal ones we have had for the past month. Back to normal 50s during the day and above freezing at night.

I feel for the Ohio gardeners - almost 2-feet of snow on their spring bulbs has to melt before they get to enjoy spring.

Our new neighbors moved into a home where gardening and landscaping was spare. I was so grateful that they took some of our excess canna lilies to their house in the back of their truck on Sunday. Plants as valuable as cannas have to go to new homes instead of the compost pile and now the corms have gone to a happy home.

And, besides, I volunteered at the Tulsa Home and Garden Show and Oklahoma's own
Horn Canna Farms (www.cannas.net) was there. A bag of those bright pink cannas with burgundy leaves came home with me and I had to make room for them.

Also, Steve and Ruth Owens had booth at the show where their booth won first prize for its gorgeous display of plants. Their garden center, Bustani Plant Farm is near Stillwater OK and they have their first print catalog out this spring. Click on the link to see what they are up to.

We are still working on spring cleanup: picking up twigs and branches that fall every week, weed pulling, blackberry cane pruning, etc. I'm going to keep an eye on the daylilies and try to catch them just as they emerge because a few of them need to be divided this year to keep them healthy.

Sorry, no photos: The Blogger software is having a bad week and will not accept photographs - Trust me I have invested several hours over the past 2-days trying to change its mind and now surrender. Every gardener has experience in learning that skill.


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