March 18th Flooding

How does your garden grow? Not much of a gardening day today in Northeast Oklahoma with 4-inches of spring rain! But there are seeds to sort and a potting area to straighten up after a marathon 2-days of planting and transplanting.

It is illogical to imagine that it will never stop raining but look at this creek - the water is almost up to the bottom of the bridge.

The flooded and impassable street is (looking north on) Gulick between Smith Ferry Road and 53rd Street.
If you live in an outskirts area like ours you know that each time a wooded area is cleared for another housing development, the thousands of trees that held the rain in check are no longer there to do their job so flooding is the result. Ah, progress, your stings are everywhere.

Yesterday it was overcast all day but I took a few backyard snaps of the spring flowers anyway.
The storms have beaten them down but they will bounce back when the rain stops.

The grow lights are on the plants in the shed (I estimate there are 1,000 babies out there right now) and I'm headed out to plant some geranium slips my cousin sent from Germany.


The Diva said…
Hi Martha,

We didn't get as much rain as you did, but I had to slog around in it all day. That got old fast. We needed the moisture though. Everything was so dry here we kept having fires. I hope you're able to get out tomorrow and enjoy the sunshine.~~Dee
Anonymous said…
We had a warmer day today and the rains stopped so the back yard drained.
There was so much rain that the grass clippings were cleaned off the surface of the soil and clumped into waves.
Fires from drought are just plain scary. There is nothing we can do about drought.
I hope you get enough rain to make your gardens bloom.

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