New Home and Garden Television Channel 22 in Muskogee OK

Muskogee Garden Club met tonight at Blossom's
Garden Center in Muskogee. In this photo attendees are enjoying sandwiches before the meeting. Left/center is Sharon Owen, owner of Moonshadow Herb Farm.

Another photo from the meeting. In the turquoise top is Bernadette Feickert (Bernie) of Miss Addies' Restaurant fame and on the right is Marci Diaz, Station Manager of the new cable Channel 22, INTV.

The new television channel will be launched in Muskogee on March 26.

Feickert is the host of their new home and garden program called "Creating Comfort with Bernie Feickert".

If you have a story idea to tell Diaz about you can call her at 918.360.3705.

Here are Meaghan McCawley, Producer, and Greg Mashburn, Director for the new Channel 22.

Here's a photo of Bernie Feickert with Matthew Weatherbee, co-owner of Blossom's Garden Center, filming the program that will run some time after the station's March 26th launch.


The Diva said…
I wish HGTV had a little more "g" in it.~~Dee
Anonymous said…
I stopped watching HGTV for that very reason.
No matter how many studies are done they all say more people are spending more time and money on garden related activities.

Odd, that so few media organizations "get it".

I guess that's why you and I blog about gardens and gardening.

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