Fun Gardening Stuff

The photo is a praying mantis egg case that Mary Ann King at Pine Ridge Gardens took into her greenhouse. When the nymphs hatch they will eat the insects in the greenhouse, providing organic insect control.

There is so much fun stuff out there related to gardening.

The Oklahoma City Council of Garden Clubs made the news on NewsOK. Marilyn Lahr, president said she loves gardening she said, "And you meet the best people in the world.”

No kidding! Gardening attracts wonderful people and garden clubs and classes give us a chance to meet each other.

Here's a great quote from a blog called The Eleventh Stack "With spring on the way, another idea is offered by ORson Scott Card who says, “Unemployment is capitalism’s way of getting you to plant a garden.” It certainly isn’t necessary to quit your job to dig in the dirt, but why not take a day off and grab some seeds and a shovel?"

The Eleventh Stack is a blog for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh PA.

The 2008 Mid States Cactus an Succulent Conference will be held in Grand Junction Colorado. The dates are June 12 to 15 and it is reasonably priced at $85 for the entire conference. Click on the link above - it will take you to the informative website.

Take a minute and look at this

Smell Like Dirt blog. On the entry "Global Worming" the author, Carol Buie-Jackson, has a video of herself setting up a worm composting system. Great tips and she shows how easy it can be to get started.

Friendly Worm Guy gives encouraging information and advice and also tells how to use the worm castings on your plants. And ZWire has a story about a grandmother who started vermicomposting to help her grandchildren learn to be green.

We are feeding our worm hotel and spraying the bedding to keep it moist for them - we should have a bin of organic plant food in a few months. We will not be attending, but if you are ready to learn to make money through worm farming, there is an entire conference dedicated to the topic. May 19 and 20, click on the Composting Council's link for more information.

The Jig Zone has an online jigsaw puzzle of daffodils in a scene. Fun diversion for this cold week.

The seed planting continues in the garden shed with at least one vegetable, annual or perennial seed planted every day. The veggie garden progress report: In the ground - broccoli and Brussels sprout starts, English and edible pod peas, radish seeds.


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