Pocket Guide to Palms by Robert Lee Riffle

How about adding something completely different to your landscape? When C. Colston Burrell spoke in Tulsa he showed us slides of his gardens, including a palm - zone 7.

So, which palms should you grow in your atrium and which ones outdoors?

Timber Press has added a new book about palms to their Pocket Guide line. Click on the link to see their description.

Many palms can take cold temperatures as low as 5-degrees F, but not for many nights in a row.

Here in northeast Oklahoma many people grow hardy banana palms in their yards with a thick mulch in the winter. I dug mine up and put it indoors for the winter to see if it would grow bigger this year.

But I digress, back to the book.

On two of the early pages Riffle identified drought tolerant, water-loving, fast growing, ground cover and other categories of palms for easy reference.

Then, the next 200-pages are a ready reference for 200-palms with photos, descriptions, native habitat, and growing needs.


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