Tulsa Master Gardeners Plant Sale Orders, April 5 - Sooner Plant Pickup, Sustainable Green Country Conference, Do You Propagate?

The annual plant sale has lots of bargains and plenty of choices. The deadline for pre-ordering is March 28. Here is a link to the list of plants they are offering this year. Pre-orders are prepaid and will be available for pickup April 17.
Another choice you have is to just go to the sale on April 17 and buy what looks good to you.

At their site, plants are listed and described. Flats of 36 plants are $14 and 4-inch pots are $2.50 - Such a bargain. And the proceeds go to a good cause.

The order form is available where it says click here for order form.

Saturday April 5 will be the first customer pick up day at Sooner Plant Farm just south of Tahlequah. It's the best way for locals to pick up their Internet orders without paying shipping PLUS we can wander through the plants. Sooner is open to the public only one day a month.

Some of the Best Plants for Oklahoma according to Brian Chonacki,
owner of Sooner Plant Farm are listed here, but go to the website and see all the wonderful possibilities.

1. Asclepias incarnata, tuberosa 2. Baptisia australis 3. Echinacea
4. Euphorbia griffithii, myrsinites, polychroma 5. Azalea ‘Encore
6. Callicarpa 7. Vitex agnus - castus 8. Amelanchier 9. Chilopsis
10. Chitalpa tanchkentensis 11. Acer truncatum 12. Acer buergerianum
13. Taxodium distichum 14. Sedum 15. Wisteria frutescens

Toward the bottom of the Sooner home page there are links to click for trees, flowering shrubs, grasses etc. Within each link there are choices to click on to find the photo and description for each plant.

Photo: This beauty is coming up in the back yard.

Sustainable Green Country is having their Sustainability Conference March 28 and 29 in Norman OK. "Red Dirt, Green Culture: Growing Healthy Communities" is the title.

-30 speakers and workshops on subjects including transportation, biofuels, community building and conflict resolution, alternative energy, religion and environmental ethics.

- Events will be located throughout downtown Norman, at venues such as the Norman Public Library, Mainsite Art Gallery, Norman Chamber of Commerce, Dreamer Concepts Studio and Foundation, Andrews Park and Republic Bank. Transportation between sites will be assisted by bike taxis and walking guides.

For more information and to register for the conference, go to http://www.normansustainability.org/ or contact Gene Perry at (405) 640-9119 or info@normansustainability.org.

your plants to make more? When do you take the cuttings? What rooting hormone do you use? Are you rooting them in sand, vermiculite, perlite, potting soil?

I've been researching information for propagating some of my backyard plants and thought I would share a few of my finds.

University of California at Davis

Grow It database

Pacific Northwest Cooperative Extension

These and more links are available at the Open Systems Project. Here is the link to the search results.

Last fall I put 8 lavender cuttings into sand and kept the pot warm and around grow lights. Today I dumped it out and found that every cutting had roots. So now I want to do more.

What's your experience with propagating plants with vegetative cuttings?

More cold nights coming. Plan to protect your young plants.


Anonymous said…
Hi All: Please visit www.tulsamastergardeners.org and click on the "Plant Sale" Icon to learn more about the plant sale, order forms, or see the beautiful photos of the plants offered for sale. Thank you and hope you enjoy the site.
Molly said…
Wow Anonymous!

Thanks for the 2012 update on this 2008 blog entry. Glad to know there is up to date information available on your plant sale.

Come back and keep us up to date.

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