A Salvia Summit March 7-10 at Huntington Botanical Garden California

Oh, how I wish I could attend any event called a Salvia Summit with Betsy Clebsch!

Here's the registration link if you are lucky enough to be in San Marino California March 7 to 10

Registration for the conference is now open. Please keep in mind that occupancy limits at our venue mean that the conference will be limited to 90 participants, so early registration is encouraged. You can access the registration form and updated program by going to "www.seedhunt.com" and clicking on the BLUE box in the upper left-hand corner of the screen where it says "Salvia Summit II", or you can just google "Salvia Summit".

On the Summit home page, click on Registration, and the instructions and link to the downloadable form will appear.
Please note that you have several ways to pay:

The money stuff
Fill out the form and send it in with a check ($230 per person)
Pay by PayPal and then send, e-mail, or fax the form.
Pay by credit card by filling out the form and faxing it.

Postal address

Salvia Summit II

c/o Jessie Schilling

P.O. Box 620673

Woodside, CA 94062
Ginny Hunt/Seedhunt
Fax: 831 728 5131
send email to confirm receipt
seedhunt@cruzio.comContact Jessie Schilling at [grew at pacbell.net] if you have further questions.


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