Vanderbilt's online Tree ID

If your yard is anything like ours, trees pop up willy nilly and about half the time we aren't sure

whether to pull them up, move them or leave them where the birds planted them.

Vanderbilt University's tree ID site couldn't be any easier to use for trees common to TN and similar climates.

Check it out at

For Native & Naturalized Plants of the Carolinas and Georgia and similar climates, go to this link
at Name that Plant.

In or near Minnesota? Check out Key Plants appearing in the Field Guides to Native Plant Communities of Minnesota: Forests and Woodlands.

Northeastern Shrub and Short Tree Identification online book is at

Trees of Texas: Tree Identification 101 is at

The Huachuca Audubon Society has a tree key for AZ and NM at

You get the idea - there is a tree ID website for each of us!


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