A Year in the Garden - time lapse video

A must see video.
An LA CA family produced a time-lapse video of one year in their garden.

Click over to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApOtv2bPElw

Brad Hiebert said in the comments, "I want to encourage people to try. We didn't know how to do it when we started, but it is experince that is so rewarding!"

and  "The first year we could have bought the food cheaper because of the cost spent building. But, there is more to the equation
We ate a lot more vegetables than we would have because we grew way more than we would have bought.
No salmonella here
We got to spend family time outside
I get to teach my child where food comes from and see here snow peas and tomatoes off the vine
Home grown tomatoes taste better than anything bought
Never underestimate the therapeutic value of digging in the dirt."


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