Succulents Simplified by Debra Lee Baldwin

Debra Lee Baldwin, the acknowledged leader in the popularity of succulents, has a new book out -

"Succulents Simplified: Growing, Designing, and Crafting with 100 Easy-Care Varieties"  published by Timber Press.

Like her other books, this one is filled with gorgeous photographs of succulents.

Baldwin gardens on half an acre in southern CA foothills so her ability to grow succulents and cacti is part and parcel of the perfect weather they have there for them (temps range from 32 to 110). The chapter on replacing a lawn with succulents makes complete sense in warm climates.

From the beginning of the book, Baldwin explains why she loves succulents: Low maintenance, easy to propagate, and non-invasive. She recommends growing them in containers so they can easily be moved with changes in the weather. "Low Water Plants for Lazy Gardeners" is a chapter I can relate to and the resilient Jade Plant is one of the examples of these.

You can expect to learn about many many new succulents while learning tidbits about old friends such as Aloe.

Baldwin also loves cacti (which I do not) so there are many beautiful ones described and illustrated.  How to propagate succulents is clearly described and illustrated and I can attest to her methods working effectively. There's nothing like a series of containers with the same and/or similar succulents arranged in the garden, on a patio, under trees, etc.

Debra is the Queen of Succulents

How to pot up, dig up and clean up your succulents is covered, too. Then, how to design and create mixed-succulent containers that look as great as any container of perennials or annuals.There are lots of projects that can easily be done for your home or to be given as gifts.

Pages 173-259 make up a reference for easy-care succulents with more photos and growing tips.

Whether you are new to these lovely plants or already grow some, this soft-cover gem is worth a look.


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