Pericallis - formerly Senecio or Cineraria from Senetti/Costa Farms

Here's a really cute plant for containers in part shade! It is one of the Pericallis hybrids that I saw at a garden show in Tulsa. Its description makes if seem like it is a miracle plant.

The original group of Senetti® is the most popular group. The varieties in this category all have  large blooms, 2.5 inch to 3 inch flower size on 2ft tall and wide plants. Senetti’s are very tolerant to changing weather conditions and hence they make ideal patio plants.

Each Senetti plant can have as many as 200 blooms in a 10 – 12 inch pot at its maturity and are safe to place outside once night frosts have passed. Once blooming is nearly over you can cut the plant to remove all the dead flowers. Re-blooming will occur in 3 – 4 weeks. For best results replant into fresh pot and media.

I was blown away when I saw it - have you grown it?

Violet Bicolor


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