The Layered Garden by David Culp

David Culp's website
explains that "The Layered Garden: Design Lessons fo Year-Round Beauty from Brandywine Cottage" is about his 2-acre PA garden called Brandywine Cottage.

A layered garden is one in which interplanting many species of plants in the same bed makes for continuous beauty. At least that's the plan.

The chapters are: The Layered Garden, The Garden at Brandywine Cottage, Signature Plants Through the Seasons and What is Beauty?

It is a book to sit down and read as well as to enjoy the pages and pages of professional photography.

His gardens are full, lush, and abundant. Culp is the Vice President of of Sales and Marketing at Sunny Border Nurseries in CT and trials as many new plants as his beds can hold. (You can read a few of his plant recommendations at

Every bed has an artistic touch and it is obvious that a lot of design, hard work and hours of labor have gone into the gardens over the 22 years he has lived at Brandywine Cottage.

Culp is a prolific, award-winning, writer and Hellebore breeder. Here's an article he wrote in 2010 for the Hardy Plant Society -

This is a terrific book that will make you wish you could live there or at least have a few of those dozens of beds at your home!

The list price is $35 but it's on sale from the publisher this week and available from online vendors for $25. Go to for the sale.


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