2013 Garden Trends - the Zen of weeding

2013 Garden Trends have been announced and I've cut the article down by half. To read the entire report, click over to http://www.gardenmediagroup.com/clients/client-news/278-garden-media-reveals-its-2013-14-garden-trends-report

Here's my abbreviated version -

In its 12th annual Garden Trends Report, Garden Media Group spots a positive trend revealing people are re-evaluating values, re-defining happiness and re-considering how gardening and caring for Mother Nature bring joy and satisfaction.

Global trends expert Li Edelkoort explains the ‘Year of Bliss’ takes its cue from nature, finding expression in bright colors, nature inspired products and tactile experiences. She notes as a society we’re slowing down, seeking authenticity and well-being, and tuning into now.

1. Lifestyle Forces New home pioneers are influencing urban planning with easy access to services, and sustainable lifestyles. We want to know where our food comes from.

2. Wellness Forces Health and wellness are the #1 reason people select the products they buy and herbs, including medicinals, are topping the list in the edibles category.

3. eCono Forces Suburban homes are getting smaller, professionals and retirees are moving back into the city.

4. Color Forces From bright  blues and shades of green, colors mimic nature and in turn, evoke positive emotions.

5. Natural Forces From eco-scaping to native plants, we need natural ways to conserve and methods to safely control weeds and pests.
6. Ground Forces People are purchasing products that sustain, boost and heal the soil.

7. Air Forces Air plants are the new terrariums and are popping up in fashion and interior décor. 

8. Aqua Forces The need to reduce water consumption is driving the demand for drought tolerant plants, including succulents, ornamental grasses and natives. Fountains and ponds are getting smaller.

9. Light Forces White plants give a luminous reflection at night in gardens. Light features that blend low energy and solar powered lighting allow people to extend their time outdoors.

Biowall at Queens U 
10. Inner Forces Living green walls and indoor houseplants reduce stress, speed healing, lower blood pressure, bring peace of mind, promote healing and increase concentration.

11. Micro Forces The growing demand for miniature containers and plants, like mini cacti, succulents, lucky bamboo, mini  gardens and mini meditation gardens are springing up.
12. Shared Forces The new shareable economy is giving rise sharing sustainable living spaces, plant swaps, community gardens, CSA’s and Farmers Markets.

Every day bliss can come from turning gardening tasks into a Zen experience.


Unknown said…
Thanks for the short and sweet version. Good info!

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